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pixelNoms won't charge you an arm and a leg. We know how much time it takes to build a site and we know you're on a budget. All modern websites adhere to standards (SEO, mobile-friendly, backwards-compatible). Yours will too.


Don't pay thousands for a simple business page. Pay for what you need and no more.


From our first meeting, your website will be live within two weeks.


All websites are built from the ground up. No templates (unless you want them).


Your company image is important. Basic branding services come with the website.


Chances are, your website will be viewed on a phone. Fortunately, it will be mobile-friendly.


We'll make sure your website shows up in top search results, both Google and Bing.


Your website will include all the standards features, be mobile friendly, search engine optimized, and be finished in no more than two weeks. We charge a flat rate, and provide a single service, but if you require specific adjustments, scripts or extra stuff, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail.


  • Custom built, with or without framework
  • 1-3 static pages
  • Basic branding (logo, colors)
  • Hosting + DNS setup
  • Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics

About Us

pixelNoms, founded in February 2014, started out as a mobile game development studio. Our first few projects were Buster's Adventure, Izzy Inverse and Blazin' Bran. However, due to a downward shift in market demand for HTML5 mobile games, we decided to go back to what we knew best - web design.

Paul Kilanowski, the founder and lead developer at pixelNoms has nearly 20 years of experience with the web. Paul started building websites back when uploading a JPG over a 28.8 modem had to be scheduled after-hours so as to not interrupt family phone calls. Check out his blog to learn more!

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